Moto Mount Pro SPC+

When I'm out on a ride, my phone becomes part of my bike's instrument panel, it's my navigation, communications and music centre. Without it, I'd literally be lost. Running Google maps uses a lot of the phone's battery so on a long ride, keeping it charged is important. Previously I had simply run a cable from the bike's USB port straight to my phone, and twice rainwater got in between the connections and fried the USB socket. A fully waterproof solution was high on my wish list.

SP Connect's new SPC+ system makes use of the phones wireless charging capabilities, which isn't just a gimmick. The lack of exposed connections means that you can ride in the rain without worrying that water will cause something to short. Plus you have the added bonus of not having to plug wires in and out of your phone, a small mercy when your hands are encased in motorcycle gloves.

Also, how my bike looks is important to me. So in addition to being a practical tool, a phone mount needs to be aesthetically in keeping with the rest of the bike. Of all the currently available phone mounts, in my opinion SP Connect offer the most discreet and inconspicuous way to attach your phone. It's a minimalistic, sleek design that doesn't shout to let people know it's there, I like this about it.

And its not just looks, the Moto Mount Pro is made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium, it's a solid bit of kit.

SP Connect sell all their components individually, so you can mix and match items to get your perfect setup. On my bike, I have:

* iPhone SPC+ case

*Moto Mount Pro SPC+

*Charging Anti Vibration Module SPC+

If you'd like to check out SP Connect's mounting options for your bike, you can do so my clicking on the link below. And if you decide to outfit your bike with a mount, you can use the below code for a 15% discount.


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