Sizzapp 2 wire GPS MAX

As it says on the box, the Sizzapp GPS tracker does more than just simply track your bike.

Although being able to quickly find your bike's location if it gets stolen, the GPS tracking service is only one of many things the Sizzapp device can do, and for me it's those extra features that makes it a very worthwhile investment for any biker.

From sending your phone alerts if your bike has moved or the device itself has been disconnected, to being able to show me where I've ridden, and how far and fast I went. The device is awash with useful data that's of use to the modern biker.

For me, there are two features that stand out as being particularly useful the those of us that like to travel alone. The first one is that you can share your location with anyone you choose, so if I'm on a long journey on my own, my partner at home can see where I am at any time. Coupled with that is that the device can send alerts to any given phone number, so I can configure the device to send my partner a notice if it's detected a crash. Then it's a fairly simple process for her to work out if I need to her to ring help for me. That's worth it's weight in gold and I think it's something Sizzapp should shout about more.

Sizzapp comes in two flavours, the one I have is the "Max" version and because it's 4G, it will work just about anywhere on the planet. There's also a "Lite" version aimed specifically at motorcycles. This a smaller device so would be easier to find places to fit, but it's only 2G so you may find it has limited functionality in some places.

Fitting the device couldn't be easier and it's simply two open-ended connectors that fit onto your battery terminals and that's it. Also, since the device runs off it's own sim card, you don't need to be concerned with it eating up your mobile data when sharing your location with others.

Finally there's the point that unlike almost all of the other GPS trackers on the market, Sizzapp does not require a subscription. You pay the initial buying price, then the device is yours with no further fees payable. Personally I'm not a fan of the subscription model for anything, so this is a big plus in my book.

If you'd like more information on Sizzapp, you can find it by clicking on the button below, and if you decide to go ahead and buy one for your bike, you can use the code below to get yourself a 10% discount.

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