Taranis AAA jeans

In recent years, single layer AAA rated jeans have become the holy grail of motorcycle trousers. The majority of mainstream outfitters have each been scrambling to produce their own version with varying degrees of success, but most feeling a little rushed to production and consequently falling short in some aspect or other.

Enter stage left Roadskin, they're a UK based, family run company and with their first AAA rated single layer jean, they've knocked it out of the park.

With a fit similar to Levis 511's, they're fashionably cut, but not teenager skinny like so many other brands. Nobody at 40+ wants to have the uncomfortable feeling that they're squeezing their legs into a cake piping bag when putting on their riding jeans.

Coming with a full set of knee and hip armour, Roadskin's bright yellow blob armour is a world away from the slimline offerings we're used to seeing. But the armour is soft and extremely comfortable and it's level 2 safe, some would say reassuringly thick. Roadskin don't shy away from sharing their customer's crash stories. In amongst the tales runs a repeating theme: the jeans held up and protected the rider.

Over than past few months of riding with these jeans they've genuinely become my "go to" riding jeans; they're safe, look great and fit well. If you're in the market for a new pair of motorcycle jeans I'd highly recommend checking them out for yourself.

Easyrider 2 Hoody

I'd been on the lookout for a well fitting summer jacket for a while and the Easyrider 2 jacket ticks a lot of boxes for me. It's lightweight but safe (Level 2), flows a decent amount of air when the weather warms up and it's comfortable on or off the bike.

Accommodating a full set of shoulder, elbow and back armour, the hoody is as safe as any other 'proper' motorcycle jacket out there. It's made from a Maximite fabric that interestingly, as well as the usual motorcycle safety tests, it's passed level 2 for slash and stab resistance. So should you find yourself in a knife fight you can be confident you'll have a secret advantage over your opponent, if that's your thing.

As well as the safety certificates, the jacket comes with a cool mesh liner for when it's hot, and also a waterproof membrane for when it's wet. So you're kitted out no matter what the summer skies have in store for your ride.

For me personally, I like that the hood is easily detached with a zip. Sans hood, it's quite a smart, casual jacket that's perfect for our British summers.

Just like their jeans, the Easyrider 2 jacket is a realistically priced, properly safe and practical garment for motorcyclists. If you're looking for a summer jacket it's definitely worth checking this one out.

Roadskin Leather Leg Bag

I'll be honest, pseudo military gear isn't usually my thing and although I've seen plenty of riders wear different kinds of tactical leg bags, I've not really seen them as fitting in with the Modern Classic bike scene.

But since Roadskin's version is fairly small and made in a very nice black leather (any 'camo' options would have been a hard no from me), I thought I'd give it a try. Much to my surprise I found it an incredibly useful addition; and since it doesn't draw too much attention to itself, I wasn't too concerned with looking like a Harley rider.

I can see for summer rides or longer trips where pocket space is a premium, that this little leg bag will be a fine addition to my riding kit. My only criticism would be that it'd be nice if there was a waterproof compartment built into it, so my wallet can be safe should the British weather do it's worst.

Overall it's a big thumbs up from me, a well made, fairly discreet solution to the problem of pocket space on a motorcycle.

You won't find Roadskin in any of the major retailers, when you buy from their website you can be sure that your money is going straight to the folks that make the jeans.

By cutting out the middle-men, Roadskin can offer their jeans at nearly 40% less than similarly specced trousers from other manufacturers.

Personally I think that's a win for everybody.

You can check out Roadskin at the button below; and if you decide to treat yourself, you can get 10% off your entire order by using the code: CLASSICRIDES

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