Stonethwaite Campsite

Just a little south of Keswick, riding to this campsite is an enjoyable trip in itself as you'll travel along some of the Lake District's most fun roads to get there.

The campsite is a series of three, flat, open fields bounded on one side by a wide river and towering hills all round. Offering a good centralised location, the campsite is a good choice if you're looking to spend a couple of days exploring the Lakes.

If you like your campsites as unregulated as possible, then this is the place for you. It really is as simple as just turn up, find a spot and pitch your tent. Unfortunately the relaxed nature of the campsite has also gained it a rowdy reputation at weekends. However I visited mid-week and found it to be a quiet spot, with mature and respectful co-campers.

Bikers Note: the road leading to the campsite is very badly maintained and is in parts little more than a dry riverbed. A slow and confident approach on your bike should see you make it through just fine.

Address: Stonethwaite Farm & Campsite, Keswick, CA12 5XG

Pitch Type: Open field

Park next to tent: Yes

Fires: Yes

Sells logs: Yes

Fire Pit Hire: Yes

Toilets: Yes

Showers: No

Booking: No online booking, just turn up. The site owner will come by in the evening to collect payment. It's cash only so make sure to have some ready as there's nowhere nearby to get some.